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    Okay, I'm just looking for a high level explanation of what it would take to set up a SQL Server in a business that will not have the support of the corporate IT.

    I've worked with SQL server from a build queries/packets and use on website perspective, as well as data collection, but haven't had any involvment with server and SQL setup. I may have to take some classes in helping to setup and maintain, I just need to know what type of issues I may run into when setting this up.

    Will I need dedicated T-1 lines, networking, etc.? If I get the server and the SQL licenses, what steps will need to be taken next in order to use this as a data collection/reporting server?

    Thanks in advance, just looking for high level answers in order to move on to next steps...

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    Well, if I were your corporate IT I would say you don't want to do it.

    As far as answering your question, it would depend on what you really intend to do with the SQL Server and what version you install. Do you want to use Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services?

    Installing SQL Server so it "works" is fairly easy, it is getting it to work well that is the difficulty. One of SQL Server's strengths is its ease of install and management, which is also its weakness since anyone thinks they can do it.

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