Session timeout vs Execution timeout difference

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    I am using report service 2017.  Trying to figure out how to set the value for the two parameters.  which one take precedence of the other?

    I know execution timeout   defines a Report Execution Timeout, which specifies the number of seconds after which the reporting processing times out. The default value for this is 30mins. If the report execution takes longer than that, then the report execution will fail.

    SSRS maintains a User Session which may time out if the report takes a long time to execute, causing the report execution to fail. This can be fixed for the report server by setting the 2 properties SessionTimeout and SessionAccessTimeout using the rs.exe tool. Again, these should be set to be greater than the time taken to render the largest report. The default of Sessiontimeout is 10 minutes.

    So if my report runs about 20 minutes,  it should be less than the Execution timeout.

    But my session timeout is 10 minutes, will the report fail or not?


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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