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  • I am using service broker for an application that i developed to collect information like logins/audits/etc. I am facing the problem when it come to collect information from a database server that has already defined a service broker endpoint for SCCM application, since we can only have one service broker end point defined, I am unable to send the data using the existing service broker end point as it has been created/configured using SCCM application installation using its own certificate/parameters/etc.

    Can we configure service broker end point to use multipal certificates to establish connection to my central server without breaking the application (SCCM) functionality?

    Thanks in advance

  • No you can't. If the instance with the SCCM certificate needs to send messages to another instance you simply export the public key from the SCCM certificate (BACKUP CERTIFICATE...), import it on the other instance (CREATE CERTIFICATE ... FROM FILE), create a login from the certificate and grant CONNECT on the SB endpoint.

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