@@servername gives the same answer when failover

  • When I open Query Analyzer and type the Select @@Servername command, I get the same response even after I have failed over the SQL Server (2000) to the stanby server ( this is not the Microsoft Clustering service, but a 3rd party clustering environment). In another word, @@servername does not give me the correct server name (the standby server name), but verything else seems to be working, I can connect to the server and look at the tables etc. Any ideas what could be wrong with my SQL Server configuration? Thanks

  • I just found out that the @@servername does not reports changes in the network name of the computer. It only reports changes made to the local server name using the sp_addserver or sp_dropserver stored procedure. So the SQL server behave correctly. Thanks.

  • that is the correct behaviour

    Steve Jones


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