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  • Hi Steve,

    For my opinion, Azure SQL DB Serverless is useful in development and testing environments

    This makes it possible to have a database at a lower cost if you do not implement an automatic process to create test database that includes test data for your development teams.

    Just take into account the restart time of the database in the tests.

    Ideally, you can create on-demand test databases with up-to-date data. But this requires a real strategy of automatic deployment that also has a cost.



  • I believe that concerns about page buffer pool, plan cache, and latency are outside the intended use case for this type of serverless databases. It's definitely not for high volume transaction applications. I rather see this platform useful for something like ETL staging or perhaps hosting a database for the corporation's quarterly surveys or employee benefit enrollment, where there a few days of heavy activity followed by weeks or months of sporadic usage as people return to occasionally view reports or get information. Having the database spin down automatically makes it essentially always available without capacity planning or intervention on the part of the DBA.

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