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  • in vb i make an rdo connection i specify to use a server side cursor. this program has been working for ages. However we have just had our SQL 6.5 servers hardware upgraded and sql re-installed. when i run now with a server side on a query a resultset with two rows never hits eof. therfore it just loops around on the last record. i changed the cursor type to client side and it works fine.

    What could have changed on the server to make this happen.

  • You reinstalled v6.5? Was this on the same OS or was it upgraded? I've seen some funny behavior of v6.5 on W2K and have moved all servers back to NT4.

    Steve Jones

  • It was same OS NT4. i was just thinking maybe their is some sort of switch or configuration that has changed but i have never heard of or seen a problem like this.

  • Haven't seen it. You might try using profiler to capture the traffic and look for something funny happening.

    Steve Jones

  • Just a silly thought, but when SQL 6.5 was reinstalled, did they remember to reapply all service packs. (I vaguely remember this in an early fix but it has been over 2 years).

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