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  • Hi All,

    I would like to get some more knowledge on the Advantages and disadvantages of scheduling a server outage atleast once in a week, I've framed a bit on it, but I need still more knowledge on it. As there might Big Guru's in this group, I would like have Ur suggestions on this ASAP.

    I need to submit this report EOB today.

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    Pasha S...

  • Primary thing is it gives you a maintainence window were issues you are aware of can be addressed, patches can be handled and a way to say production code cannot be altered without a change request and they only occurr at such time. That said however you still need and exception process for the later when specific business needs override.

    Also, by setting you outages up front your customers will be more aware and less liekly to complain.

    But keep in mind that you may not have anything that needs to be done at that time so don't do unneccessary things to use the time unless they will improve the overall performance and stability.

  • For a new comer to SQL it shoulds like Siraj has the right idea. He has a concept of down time. I see to many times people just installing and expecting it run forever. Then sweating when things go too far and it would take a long time to fix.

    Siraj, one task to keep in mind during the down time is reindexing.

    Key maintenance tasks that happen regularly are Backing up Database and logs which do not require down time (just "off hours" for best results)


    reindexing which will require down time.

    You may occasionally have to do performance tunning.

    Don't forget disaster recovery (backup hardware and plans).

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