Server Hardware Standards

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  • Definitely worth standardising on equipment, I'd recommend it even for home or small business use, especially when you're just starting out. Murphy's law says if something goes down it will be important and at a critical time. By duplicating the hardware used on your production servers across test/development servers, or less critical production servers, you ensure that you have an alternative platform to move critical apps onto in the event of an outage.

    However, one question I would ask though is how best to upgrade? Do you keep old servers and phase them out gradually as they die / get unsupportable / too heavily loaded? Whilst this saves money and spreads out expenditure on new servers, it also means that the new kit is almost certainly incompatible with the old.

    So is the alternative that you replace everything at once, rendering all of your old servers obsolete overnight, but 100% compatible? Well, that's way more attractive from an idealistic IT support perspective, but from a business/financing point of view, it's a lot of cash to outlay at once, especially if you're a big business with a server farm.

    Guess this angle makes the option of hiring hardware somewhat more attractive if more expensive in the long run, but what if you buy all of your company's servers? I think it would be difficult to present a good business case for upgrading them all at once in order to standardise, as most accountants will look at the hard, tangible asset costs rather than the extra cost in man-hours supporting high-maintenance hardware.

    Food for thought...

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  • I just want you to know Steve, that when you need another employee, I am available at that couple of thousand a day you quoted. Heck, I'd even go for one thousand a day!

    Student of SQL and Golf, Master of Neither

    Student of SQL and Golf, Master of Neither

  • Thanks for the complement. Actually I may have an opening in Denver soon.

    New equipment is tough. One thing I've really become annoyed at with Compaq/HP is the constant architecture changes where a new server is not compatible with previous ones. At a large company, we've tried to buy in bulk, so we buy multiple servers at a time and then tend to phase out together. Since we buy some many (3 yr cycle, hundreds of Wintel servers), it's less of an issue.

    When I was with a smaller company, we tried to do the same thing. Delay purchases and then bunch them up with some that were not quite needed, but we wanted to have similar equipment. We also tried to be sure we purchased multiple items where possible. Like 3rd party RAID controllers. Buy 2 at first, take the budget hit, but have the spare ready.

    Steve Jones

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