• Hi everybody

    I'm studying Sequences and I've found something strange using them in the creation of a table. I created sequence dbo.seqTest1.

    Create sequence dbo.seqTest1 AS INT


    If I use the following code the persistent table is created:

    create table tab11

    (num int default (next value for dbo.seqTest1),

    data datetime


    If I use this other code, the temporary table is not created

    create table #tab11

    (num int default (next value for dbo.seqTest1),

    data datetime


    and I receive the following message:

    Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    Invalid object name 'dbo.seqTest1'.

    The question is: is it true that on temporary tables I can't use sequences but I can only use Identity ?

    If it's true, where I can find any reference about this behaviour? I'm using T-SQL Fundmentals and the Training Kit but I can't find any notes about that, even on TechNet

  • Temp tables are created in TempDB. your sequence is in your user database, not TempDB, so the 2-part reference fails as the sequence can't be found.

    Edit: Code removed.

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  • Gail was a bit faster, but anyway...

    MSDN doesn't say it explicitly, but one of the rules of using a sequence object in a default contstraint is the following:

    The table and the sequence object must reside in the same database.

    Since the sequence object is in one database and the table another (tempdb), it is not possible.

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  • Thank you very much.

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