Sending Mail In SSIS Using Script Task- Simpler and Flexible Approach

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  • Manish..please repost the images as they are not displayed in the article.


  • Can I second that request - the article is very useful but I'm trying to use this idea to create a more generic mail solution I can use for alerts on my data loading and without the images it's just too much guesswork (I could work it out with a bit of time, but time is very limited here at work! :ermm:).

  • wonderful article, but handicapped without the images 🙁

    please post the images

  • The article is missing all its screenshots, would it be possible to republish the page again

  • I'm interested in this article, but where are all of the screenshots? Those images will help the readers to understand what you were talking about. Could you please repost the screenshots?

    DBA or SQL Programmer? Who Knows. :unsure:

  • Useful article, but I think it is easier to use the Send Mail task with Expressions to dynamically set properties such as MessageSource, To, From, Subject etc.

  • As stated this might have been an interesting article when it was complete.

    However: apart from the missing images I read no arguments in his article to come to the conclusion that a script task is simpler to send mail from SSIS than the Send Mail task. To me the conclusion is therefore no more then an opinion.

    To come to that conclusion I would like to see the stated (more complex) functionality, with an implementation both using a script task and using the sendmail task. Only then it could be pointed out what the simpler and more flexible way is to do so.

    That might also stimulate a discussion about the used techniques, in which optimizations and best practices might be developed/shared.

    Peter Rijs
    BI Consultant, The Netherlands

  • I have a question - if I send mail this way, is it easier to track when the mail was sent & to whom? And last, any way to see an actual copy of the email being sent?


  • Cannot see all the images and information. Please re-post;-)

  • Yes. while sending mail, you can store sent datetime and To address in database or log it in a text file using variables used for these field values.

  • I posted the images also with the article.

    What should I do now? Shall I post the article again to contribution center.

  • with out the images, your article doesn't hold water.

    Please repost, with pics.


  • I agree with the earlier post saying this is MUCH more easily done with a Send Mail task and expressions. You're doing nothing but replicating functionality already built into Send Mail task.

    I'd say the simplest and easiest way to do something would be to take advantage of the tools given instead of reinventing the wheel.

  • Without images it is not very helpful, please repost them.

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