"send me some of your code"

  • John Mitchell-245523 (9/11/2015)

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    It's a recruiter, which makes me wonder, because the number of recruiters in this town that understand and can evaluate the "goodness" of T-SQL code is less than 5. In theory, he'll "pass it on" to whoever is doing the evaluating, but that sounds weird.

    it just sounds odd that they can't say, "Given this scenario/database, write SQL to answer these questions or do these things. Explain why you picked that way instead of another." And perhaps more importantly, "explain how it works" (to prove it's yours).

    Would a proper response be "Yep, it's definitely my code. I can tell by the warts and all. Might be ugly, but it's mine, and I can explain how and what it does, and why it does it that way."



    My point was more general than that. The only time a recruiter has the right to see examples of my work, or even my CV, is when he has a genuine job opportunity that I'm interested in applying for. Until that time, he's attempting to gather information on me that he doesn't need, and I simply refer him to my LinkedIn profile, where he can find most of the information that's in my CV.


    Late to the thread but these sorts of recruiters might be used to the sort of programmer who might have code publically available, maybe like GitHub users, who make a deliberate point of having code or projects of theirs out for display. It probably wasn't meant to be invasive, its just that nowadays participating in projects can be seen as a tool for enhancement or visibility, and maybe the recruiter might be looking for someone who does this.

    Just think if the recruiter asked Jeff Moden for "code examples" for instance, he could certainly provide them with plenty of links to his articles which not only includes code, but pretty detailed documentation of code and ideas, and I think his reputation has certainly benefitted from this.

    Just an alternative take on the "examples of your work" sort of thing.

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