Send email ssrs report in visualstudio

  • Hi ,I have made template changes for the report in ssrs in visual studio after done I need to send out an email.please explain step by step process .please help how to do

  • I am a little confused about what you are trying to do, but if I understand right, you want to have the report sent out on an email BUT you want to configure this from visual studio?  If so, that's not how SSRS works, so that will not work.

    What you will want to do is deploy the report to your SSRS server and set up a subscription on it.  Subscriptions are how it handles sending emails of the report AND the subscription is run through the SSRS SQL instance; hence why you can't do it from visual studio.

    The above is all just my opinion on what you should do. 
    As with all advice you find on a random internet forum - you shouldn't blindly follow it.  Always test on a test server to see if there is negative side effects before making changes to live!
    I recommend you NEVER run "random code" you found online on any system you care about UNLESS you understand and can verify the code OR you don't care if the code trashes your system.

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