Self-Service BI (Synapse and PBI)

  • Dear Experts,

    We have created a MDP (modern data platform) composed of :

    1. Azure Datalake
    2. Synapse
    3. PBI
    4. ADF
    5. Data Bricks

    In synapse, we have our stagging area (1-0-1 with the ADLS2) and our dimensional modeling, and then, we import different datasets into PBI. On top of that we have our PBI reports that connect to this PBI datasets.

    Its in synapse that we have all the dimensional model and then in PBI we have only datasets available per area, for example, manufacturing workspace as only a dataset related with manufacturing tables and some common dimensions, finance the same on finance side, and so on..

    We were requested now to implement the possibility of Self-Service BI.

    But we don't know if we should implement this in synapse or in the PBI itself

    What tools are you using to provide SelfService BI to your users? Excel? or the PowerBI it self?

    Are you allowing people to connect directly to PBI to do self-service? or are you allowing them to go directly to Synapse where the whole model is (cross funcional domain model)?

    Thank you,









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