Select query returns result beyond the range specified...?

  • Hi Members,

    Im doing a select in which im specifying the date range..

    "select key_id from result where started_at_date >= '2008-10-17 13:30:00' and ended_at_date <= '2008-10-17 13:30:20'"

    but in the above query im getting the key_id for which the date range is out of the date range specified here.

    That is im getting key_id = 5, for whcih started_at = '2008-10-18 13:30:00' and ended_at = '2008-10-18 13:30:20'

    Please help me to solve this issue.



  • please see the link below to help us figure out what's going on. Sample DDL and data will help us to solve your issues faster.



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