Security is Improving

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  • I agree totally!!!! but, developers and others users have difficulties or they don't want to agree with security implementation!!!

    it's our scene, complex and funny!!!

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  • Steve, Ever the optimist! While I hope you are correct and that things are improving, I think what really matters is that we have done so poorly for so long that it would require replacing just about everything, or a huge amount of time fixing issues, before our country alone is secure. I assume all other countries have similar issues. If we can't prevent china, germany and even our allies from attacking our infrastructure due to absolutely horrible coding, can we really believe that our "unimportant" business software is secure? I doubt it.

    I would guess that there are companies that are trying, companies that don't care at all, and lots in between those extremes. Odds are nobody has something perfectly secure unless it isn't connected to anything.

    Given your last article on the laziness in reviewing employees, which is one of the primary tasks for management, how can we believe those same people listen when we inform them of security risks that need to be resolved.

    I am not saying that we are not seeing improvement, nor am I disagreeing with you, just saying that the US is sort of like an ER patient that is bleeding all over from an accident, has multiple gunshot wounds from people shooting at him, a couple of viruses (I say it should be virii!) attacking him internally, there aren't enough nurses or doctors to work on all the issues he has, and the manager of the ER wants the staff to attend a meeting about the company picnic - patients be dammed!


  • I agree that many are writing with more concern for security. But also we are doing a better job of keeping security out in front of people. Remember the old beat to pieces statement "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"? As long as we keep vocalizing the need for more security and educating users on proper system use and the need for safe password management we might have a chance of getting better still.

    There is always someone wanting to steal or corrupt, and to keep our systems and other assets safe we must be more diligent.



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  • I'm probably being optimistic. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  • Miles Neale (7/23/2012)

    There is always someone wanting to steal or corrupt, and to keep our systems and other assets safe we must be more diligent.

    As long as there are some teenagers in Bulgaria, security will always be an ongoing problem..:-D

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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor (7/23/2012)

    I'm probably being optimistic. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    Wrong that you are being optimistic would be a good thing.

    Wrong that we are improving would be a bad thing.

    I think you are correct that improvement is occurring, I just don't know if it is happening fast enough.


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