Secondary skill for SQL DBA's

  • I would like to know which skill combination is on demand along with SQL DBA by considering Pay and demand



    SQL DBA + Biz Talk Server


    SQL DBA + Share Point


    SQL DBA + MS Dynamics

    Rajesh Kasturi

  • Rajesh

    A good old saying is "it depends". Reason I say that is because different companies require different skills depending on their size/systems/applicaitons/budget.

    If you wanted an answer from me I would lean towards the DBA + SSIS. With this knowledge you can build database and design interfaces to other applications/DBs.

    On the other hand, SharePoint is increasingly been implemented in to companies alongside SSRS to offer rich reporting tools.

    Hope this helps

  • Good answer I too agree with u

    Rajesh Kasturi

  • As sql_lock says, "it depends", but I suggest SQL DBA + SSIS that is the road to BI (inlcuding also SSRS & SSAS), every company except DBA services need also BI services, so DBA is related to BI.


  • There are some more to focus on,

    SQL DBA + HA

    SQL DBA + PT

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  • SQL DBA + Clustering + PA + SSIS is a good combination.

  • To really maximise income and on-going work, I'd go for SQL DBA + Performance Tuning + Consulting/people skills. The "soft" people skills will always project you further than being moving from 7/10 technically to 10/10.

    You can replace Performance Tuning with SSIS/SSAS/SSRS. BI is very much in demand at the moment.

  • PowerShell! Microsoft is starting to set up a two-tier system of administrators and super-administrators. The differentiator is PowerShell. You want to be in that second group if you want long term employment prospects.

    After that, it really depends on what you're doing. I think SSIS is pretty important, but I'm finding more use for SSRS skills these days. It just depends.

    And a huge kudo to the introduction of soft skills. Writing, speaking, communicating, these are huge pluses to get and keep the good jobs.

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  • Also you can consider becoming a specialist in several db sytems. eg.


    as this is in demand

  • SQL DBA + SSIS + MS Dynamics GP

    Good paid job...





    Sushant Kumar

  • What is MS Dynamics GP ?

  • chetanr.jain (7/8/2010)

    What is MS Dynamics GP ?

    Great Plains:

    Personally, ERP packages don't excite me, but that's probably why the people that work with them get so much money 🙂

  • I find that many people want Microsoft CRM aka Dynamics aka GP. I find the system highly lacking and horrificly designed from a database standpoint. Dynamics is at least one major version behind from SQL server and does not take a lot of skill to maintain once implemented. It is designed to let office admins administer the system and try to keep the dba out.

    Biztalk and sharepoint use SQL Server as a backend and have specialized uses. Biztalk is low maint once setup. The databases still need maintained. Sharepoint can be the most intensive and require the most skills out of what you have listed amongst the other packages.

    SSIS is a portal to BI. You should learn BI - there is a massive need in this arena.

    I would also agree with Grant in that you need to establish some Powershell abilities.

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  • I would say DBA + Virtualization/SysAdmin/Security knowledge.

  • I like DaniSQL's list, might add some storage knowledge as well (SAN/fiber/disk performance)

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