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    Hi Team ,

    We have three node cluster setup where the one primary server with automatic fail-over and second replica is automatic fail-over  and third node is manual fail-over replica . So we have recently applied the windows  patching on Third and second replica ,it is have been successfully completed hence we have moved all database into second replica ,application successfully speaking with second node as primary node . So Windows team has started patching on primary server where server is not coming up after applying the patchs and windows team is mention we may rebuild server . Could you please let me know what are process need to follow remove replica from always on  availability group  first ..

    SQL services are running SQL server 2014



  • Jeffrey Williams

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    If you are going to rebuild the server - then you should remove all databases from the AG to that server until it has been rebuilt - and also remove the AG.  You are going to end up rebuilding the AG anyways because the new server will need SQL Server re-installed and configured.

    Waiting to do that will just prevent the transaction logs on the current primary from being truncated - and will cause the send queue to grow because SQL Server cannot send the transactions to the secondary that no longer exists.

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    Hi Williams,

    Thanks for provided the information which is going help solve problem fortunately  Windows team has found the issue which server IP has been wiped out after the reboot server for patching and windows team has manually enter the IP addresses  than always on has been synchronized data after 10 minutes all three server hence issue has been fixed .

    Thanks for replying and good luck

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