Secondary Database Replica in Reverting/InRecovery (Long time)

  • Hi,

    One of my AG secondary replica has been in reverting/in recovery for more than a day.  The database size is about 700GB.  I was trying to suspend/remove the database from the AG so I could apply the differential and log backups to get it up-to-date, but SQL Server wouldn't allow me to do so because it's running a HADR_DB_COMMAND that is blocking me.  Is there a way to bypass this?  Or, would it be best to allow SQL Server to do its thing?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I waited it out for about two days and the replication is back up.

    I guess it's best to let SQL Server do it and to monitor the counters pertaining to the undo (SQLSERVER:Database Replica -> Log Remaining For Undo and Total Log Requiring Undo).

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