Search of Senior Database Architect

  • I am search of an experience SQL server database architect. Here is how your week at work going to look like:

    i) You will to come up with creative solutions in migrating data from on-prem to cloud, powershell scripting should be your best friend.

    ii) Need to be able to have a deep dive discussion with app team over schema of a table. You should have very good understanding  why certain data types are REALLY bad for the use case.

    iii) Be team player and willing to help/guide others as needed, "not my problem" type attitude usually do not thrive in my team.

    iv) You are responsible for the tuning entire stack i.e. databases, individual queries, OS and storage system. It is OK if you aren't familiar with storage layout but at-least you should be able to demonstrate and provide enough data why storage is the bottle neck.

    v) Have mind set of working smarter and not harder,  automate as much as you can.

    If this excites you please dm me or send me email at Oh , did I mention this is remote position and has unlimited FTO?

  • it would help if you stated working hours time zone. including core hours for team availability. that may push some not to be interested at all.

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