Scripting Database Objects

  • In SQL 2000 you could multi select many objects (for example 10 procs), right click and select 'All Tasks'>'Generate Scripts'. From here you could script an object w/both the drop, create and permissions. If it was a table you could do all of the above as well as indexes, keys, triggers, etc. It looks like the ability to do this type of activity was removed from SQL 2005. Does anyone know of a way to do this from SQL 2005?


  • Yes, click on tables and get them all to appear in the summary window, and then hold the control key while you highlight them all... or the shift key and highlight the beginning and ending range of tables, and then right click to script them as you desire.  You just can't do it at the place you expect to be able to do it.


    david russell

  • Russell,

    When I do this it only gives me the options to script a create or a drop. I do not see a way to create a script that contains both the drop statements, create statements as well as permissions, index, triggers, etc. in one step like I can do in Enterprise Manager for SQL 2000. Am I missing something?


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