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    I'm trying to run a script on a schedule within the Job Agent to failover an AG. I can easily do this outside of a job by running the following in SSMS with SQLCMD mode

    :Connect SQLSVR


    I tried to add an Operating System (CmdExec) step to a job like this

    sqlcmd -S SQLSVR -Q "C:\AG_SQLSVRFailover.sql"

    where the .sql file contains the failover script above. However, this does not seem to work properly. Is there a way I can simply issue a statement like


    and specify which node to fail to within there?

  • Johan Bijnens

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    1. Why would you put this in a job ?
    2. Why don't you just run the Alter in a TSQL jobstep ?


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  • RonMexico

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    1. So it can be automated to happen at a specific time on a specific day
    2. My hope is that it can be initiated from the primary node rather than the secondary which the alter statement I supplied does not support
  • Cebisa

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    Sql agent job step type: powershell

    Switch-SqlAvailabilityGroup -Path SQL SERVER:Sql\othernode\instance\AvailabilityGroups\AGName -ErrorAction Stop -WarningAction SilentlyContinue | Out-Null

    Schedule as one time run

    Run as sys admin, sql agent account

  • RonMexico

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    Thanks, Cebisa!

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