Script to compare schema across databases?

  • Hey all,

    I know that there are tools out there which allow for schema comparison (SQL Compare for example). What I'm looking for is a bit more low-level.

    I'd like a script that I can run on a daily basis, which will just alert me to differences in schema between two databases. I'd imagine that there are probably system-level tables which will provide me with this information. Can someone point me towards which tables these would be, so I can create the script? Or alternatively if there are scripts already available, to point me to those?

    I'd imagine that sys.tables / sys.columns would be the one I would look at for table comparison, and sys.procedures / sys.sql_modules for the stored procedures. Are there any others I should be looking at? Which ones store functions?

  • Some third-party vendors offer such tools. Naturally all -- or at least most -- of them cost money.

    MS provides the tablediff utility, which is free. It's command-line only, but it does work.

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  • sys.all_sql_modules stores all sql modules, comparing tables it a bit more of a task, strongly suggest using 3rd party tool such as SQL Compare for this. A option could be using SMO but the task can become complicated very quickly.


  • Are you going to compare indexes and constraints as well? Do you care about differences in names for system named objects?

    What about implementing some monitoring using DDL triggers?

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  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is a free download, and it has features for schema comparison, data comparison, and scripting DDL/DML for the differences.

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  • The reason there are tools around this task is because there really isn't any simple, quick & easy way to get it done. Especially not one that supports all the various types of objects, dependencies, etc.

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    I've published several articles on Simple-Talk around automating SQL Compare to do exactly what you're looking for.

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