Script that talks to multiple DBs cant be put into a SP

  • I have a similar situation. I am running a script against our DW database.

    The script collects data from 3 different DBs and stores them in temp tables.

    Joins those temp tables and slects required results.

    I need to be able to put this script in SSIS to export it to a flat file. And I get the

    'No available i/p columns' error.

    As per your suggested options i tried to put it into a PROC , but was not able to since

    a USE database statement is not allowed in a procedure, function or trigger.

    How do i fix my problem.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • for crossdatabase stuff inside a procedure , you only got two choices;

    1: can you adapt the specific script to use 3 part names?

    you know, SELECT * FROM Production.dbo.Invoices


    2: switch to dynamic SQL and EXEC a string: multiple commands are simply semi-colon delimited.

    DECLARE @isql VARCHAR(1000)

    SET @isql = 'USE SandBox; SELECT * FROM dbo.Invoices; SELECT @@version;'



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