Script move of DB files from one location to another

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  • I always advise NOT detaching the original database because you might not be able to attach it again if there's a problem with the database.

    Set the database offline, copy the files to the new location, attach them, and only then detach the original database.

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  • Microsoft introduced the ability to modify user database file paths for a very good reason, so you don't have to detach databases.

    Whilst it may seem a good idea I'd prefer manual control of the file moves when performing this sort of task. What is useful is the ability to script out all the database t-sql commands, can save a lot of time.


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  • The script has a minor problem in that if a database has multiple data files (.ndf files) then there is a backup command generated for the database once per file. The same issues exists for the number of generated attach statements.

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  • Thanks for the script.

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