Script logins and all permissions: no longer supported in SSMS generate script?

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    Okay, maybe I've just gone crazy but I was certain it used to be possible to go to tasks, generate scripts, and then you could script out logins, database users, and all associated permissions?

    However, it looks like this is no longer possible in the newer versions of SSMS?

    Is everyone just using a custom script they run now to generate that output, is there a 3rd party GUI tool you are using to accomplish this?

    I RARELY need to migrate a login from one database to another, or from one prod instance to a dev instance or vice versa.

    Being able to just right click and script out a login and all associated permissions was extremely useful.

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    I don't recall that ever being available in SSMS - but it may have been and just something I never utilized.  With that said - check out - they have a whole host of cmdlets that can be used.  You can easily export and import logins using these tools - even making sure the SID for SQL logins is transferred.

    I do have custom scripts available - but they are geared specifically for the environments I maintain.

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    i think sp_helprev_login has been the go to solution for years for logins.

    database permissions are stored in the databases themselves, and those are scriptable from SSMS , and if you use ObjectExplorer you can script users all together.

    there is a setting in Tools>>Options>>SQL Server Object Explorer>>Scripting you have to toggle "Script permissions" to get object permissions, i think.


    i use a TSQL solution I adapted from Perry Wittle, here's the first link i could find, might not be his "latest" version though.


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