Script: Getting PK and FK info

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    This query provides "To" and "From" Fields as well. I like your query for PK constraints...


    so1.Name as FKConstraint,

    so.Name as FromTable,

    sc.Name as FromColumn, so2.Name as ToTable, sc1.Name as ToColumn

    From sysobjects so (nolock)

    JOIN sysforeignkeys fk (nolock) on so.[id] = fk.fkeyid

    join syscolumns sc (nolock) on fk.fkeyid = and fk.fkey = sc.colid

    JOIN sysobjects so2 (nolock) on fk.rkeyid =

    join syscolumns sc1 (nolock) on fk.rkeyid = and fk.rkey = sc1.colid

    JOIN sysobjects so1 (nolock) on fk.constid =

    where = X

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