Script: Getting PK and FK info

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  • This query provides "To" and "From" Fields as well. I like your query for PK constraints...


    so1.Name as FKConstraint,

    so.Name as FromTable,

    sc.Name as FromColumn, so2.Name as ToTable, sc1.Name as ToColumn

    From sysobjects so (nolock)

    JOINsysforeignkeys fk (nolock) on so.[id] = fk.fkeyid

    joinsyscolumns sc (nolock) on fk.fkeyid = and fk.fkey = sc.colid

    JOINsysobjects so2 (nolock) on fk.rkeyid =

    joinsyscolumns sc1 (nolock) on fk.rkeyid = and fk.rkey = sc1.colid

    JOINsysobjects so1 (nolock) on fk.constid = = X

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