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    We are receiving alerts from SCOM regarding

    WMI health has errors. MP has no access the following WMI name spaces and classes.

    Message: SQL namespase is empty or version less than minimum version

    Some links showing that providing access to the WMI name spaces will stop the alerts.

    Is it better to provide the access to the run as account on WMI name spaces


    Recompile SQL WMI provider using mofcomp (Managed Object Format (MOF) compiler) 

  • Get a copy of a WMI query, or get a WMI browser tool and try and run it as someone with admin rights, if the query fails because the namespace / class is invalid then you need to recompile the package, if it works, and all the namespaces and classes are as they should be then you need to look at permissions.


  • It's probably permissions though. That's the most common issue here.

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  • Thanks,

    We are not allowed to download.  SCOM is not using run as account as the article mentioned. In that case we’re not sure what permission needs to check but we’re seeing this alert in one server but not on the other server which are same version.

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