SCOM/SCCM alert when Always On High Availability dashboard is green

  • Hello experts,

    Does anyone know why SCOM (or is it SCCM?) would send the following alert when everything is OK and green in the Always On High Availability > Show Dashboard?

    The Metric is: Microsoft.SQLServer.Windows.Monitor.Database.DBStatus (UnitMonitor)

    MSSQL on Windows: Database is in offline/recovery pending/suspect/emergency state

    The databases in each AG are also online and synchronized so I see no issue there either.

    If this is a real issue that needs to be resolved, perhaps someone can advise. Or, if this is a false positive based on a SCOM setting, that would be very helpful, too.

    Thanks for any help.

    -- webrunner

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  • Hi webrunner,

    You may want to go under Management\Extended Events\Sessions\AlwaysOn_health in SSMS and view target data on the package0.event_file and check for any state changes around the SCOM Alert time frame. If there was a change this could have tripped the SCOM alert.

    Hope this helps!

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