Schema & Renaming Fun

  • Hah hah hah! Thanks, Andy!

  • Interesting question, thanks!

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  • Thanks, it was an easy one. 😀

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  • It was funny , even though the final output was not.funny :w00t:

  • Amusing question. Since we regularly see statements that the questions, unless they state otherwise, are based on a default US install of a version currently in full support the case insensitivity isn't an issue. So it seems a good question to me.

    The explanation is a bit confusing though, referring to the first and second renames but not to the third (which is the only one which actually changes anything).

    I find it a bit disturbing that more than half the answers are wrong. This is all very basic and trivial T-SQL syntax stuff, nothing in the slightest bit off except perhaps a table name (as opposed to a tablename qualified by a schema name) containing a dot which might seem odd to some people. However, I don't get all the answers right myself, so maybe I shouldn't expect too much accuracy in the attempted answers.


  • nice and interesting QOTD..

    thanks Andy.

  • crussell-931424 (3/13/2014)

    Definitely not not funny.


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  • good question, thanks.

    Hope this helps...

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