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    Hello All,

    I wish to create a Job that runs a SP (Query that sends DB Mail) on weekdays only at particular times.  Additionally, I need to send it more than once (As an example, at 0700 & 1300).

    The MSSQL Job scheduler appears to be limited in that a Job can only be scheduled once each day and I cannot specify the day of the week that it runs.

    What strategies have you deployed to overcome this limitation?



  • ZZartin


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    You can add multiple schedules to a job, just make two schedules that run M-F one that runs at 7 and and on 1PM.

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    In the schedule, if you specify that the job occurs weekly, you can check the boxes for the days on which you want the job to run.  For the multiple times per day, ZZartin hit the nail on the head.

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    The way that the categories are label can be a "bit" unintuitive. You're looking for a schedule that runs "daily" apart from on specific days so you're looking at the run daily option. That isn't, however, how the schedules are set out.

    Each option means that you are saying that the schedule will runs at least once during that period. So the daily category means that you're creating a job that will run at least once daily; excluding Sunday and Saturday would mean it isn't daily. Likewise Weekly means that the job runs at least once weekly and here you have to option of specifying the time and day(s) the job will run. So, for what you need you want the weekly option; even though that does seem the wrong place to look.



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    Thank you all.

    This is the information I was looking for.



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