Schedule a SQL Query

  • Is there a way to schedule a query or a store proc to run at cretain time?

    This the case:

    I need to select cases by client and populate a temp table per client, then I have to calculate how many cases are per region, and then, summarize those cases per client. The data is received every night.

    Of course the store procs cannot be run until the update is done. I have been running them manually every morning, but would like to make them run at soon as the update is completed.

    I tried a couple of things, but they did not work. Any suggestion? Any help will be appreciated.

  • You can use SQLAgent to do this on SQL Server.

    On NT or W2K, you can schedule an ISQL query with the "Scheduled Tasks" or "At" command.

    Steve Jones

  • I would use SQLAgent as the jobs have multiple steps, can make decisions based on fail logic, and can send you a message to let you knwo if all your thought in it failed.

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  • Thanks again, I will work on that.

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