Saving Top Queries from Query Store for historical performance analysis?

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    The only two runtime data sets  that we poll and save periodically is the below querying the Query Store.

    Would you suggest to save more columns and or possibly a better TopQueries collector as this? Is there a better way of saving this kind of performance metrics? Should We be saving more than just 25 in a batch?   (I inherited this repository from DBAs and now need to make sense out of it and stop unnecessary data collector jobs and possibly introduce new collector routines).

    insert into DBA_Utilities.dbo.TOPqueries

    select top 25 getdate(), t.query_sql_text,r.last_logical_io_reads,


    from sys.query_store_query as q

    join sys.query_store_query_text as t

    on t.query_text_id=q.query_text_id

    join sys.query_store_plan as p

    on p.query_id=q.query_id

    join sys.query_store_runtime_stats as r

    on r.plan_id=p.plan_id

    where count_executions>=5

    and r.avg_duration>='10000000'

    order by r.avg_duration desc

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    The saved results look like in the attached screenshot.

    My other doubt is whether it is worth at all to save/persist this info for baselining or other purposes.

    Should the results of sp_WhoIsActive, for example, be sufficient enough ?

    I am thinking about what possible production problem could be investigated by using this saved data, in what ways.

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    Voldemar likes to play CHESS (and IS good at it!)

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