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  • Hello All -

    I have a question regarding the Sales Force Connector in a logic flow.  I'm very new to this and haven't been able to find any answers via endless searching.

    I'm able to create a flow which connects to my instance of Sales Force.  I need to return accounts and their corresponding account managers.  I get a successful output, however certain account managers aren't returning which is very very odd.  When I filter on the Sales Force Connector using oData filters for those specific account managers, they will return.  However, I have to filter for them specifically which is very odd to me.

    As a test, i've created a PowerBI report which also uses the Sales Force Connector.  When I bring all of the account data over into my PowerBI table, all of the account managers are there without using any filters whatsoever.

    This is very odd behavior to me, anyone have any experience with this?  Anyone know why data it not all returning via the logic flow but yet it does return via PowerBI?

    Very very odd.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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