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  • We have LAPS tool for local admin account in the windows server.
    Just want to ask the team.

    Do we have software to do the same as LAPS tool for SQL server 'sa' change password and keep it in secure software?

    I think about using AD but the AD guy is against the idea due to if AD down, no one can access Database.
    I can add other sql authenticate account to be sysadmin but I do not want the static password.

    Any help will be really appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    James Jarupan

  • Hi
    We are using Integrated Auth. ( AD) for almost all our SQL Databases enviroment and Windows Services accounts or AD-Groups for access to the Db´s.  A few are using SQL auth.
    If the AD is down the AD guy has bigger problem than you when no one can access a  Db 🙂


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