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  • I have my own personal website that is more focused on politics than technical issues.

    I have about zero visitors. I implemented a captcha system and I still get about 10-15 spam posts on any given day.

    And it's the same posters. What a waste of time.

    Jim P.

    A little bit of this and a little byte of that can cause bloatware.

  • I find it frustrating when lower management say that they agree with you that something needs streamlining or even just doing in order to stop wasting a whole raft of peoples time on a regular basis then actively put up the roadblocks themselves. Often this is done for personal reasons of ambition which are detrimental to the corporate structure they aim to rise in. These are often the poisonous cultures one hopes to avoid.

    Occasionally, just occasionally, you come across a manager who sees the bigger picture. These are the ones who are prepared to sacrifice tomorrow's milestone in order to make the final project milestone on time. Even when they are going to take some flack from above to do this. I take my hat of to this kind of manager as they are the sort who often shield their team with a metaphorical umbrella to avoid any splatter from the metaphorical fan as long as the team are getting the job done.


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

  • ... every day they're spotted, posts are taken down, accounts are deleted, IP addresses are ringfenced ...

    This is a manually intensive process the good guys have to keep up on a daily basis.

    ... yet for every effort we make to block them, they come back, and the whole thing repeats.

    The sophisticated spammers can change, spoof, and redirect their IP address and automate most if not all of the process needed to repeat the assaults.

    ... In the battle of two people doing their jobs to opposing purposes, no one wins.

    Unfortunately the spammers are overwhelmingly winning. For every one person who attempts to keep up with their automated attacks on a daily basis, there are hundreds if not thousands who can not put in that kind of effort.

    One draw every now and then compared to thousands of checkmates is what keeps the spammers way ahead on the scorecard. :angry:

  • I do dislike spamming post etc.

    It's a waste of time. (still it improve our logic to read past thing that isn't worth it (maybe this post for some people), can be useful outside the virtual world, let's take what we can out of it)

    But let's look at the "other" side, if someone has taken time to do such a bot, it has to be lucrative in some sort. Otherwise they will stop running them if their cost is too high and do something else to get what they want.

    To my eyes, it's the same principle as to those who fall the "XYZ prince that will give you millions if that unlucky prince can't get out of his country by having a few buck from you". Only need a few that "believe" in that story to make their profit. From the mass, some will click... and I'm pretty sure they measure that.

    The web help lowering the "running" cost.

    Before they had to pay for the paper, ink and sometimes a stamp / or someone to carry the letter.

    Let make it enough difficult (captcha for instance) to make it worthless to those you does it.

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