Run MDX Query against different Databases on the same server

  • Ahoy,

    i have few ssas server instances and many tabular models on each of the server.

    Now i want to gather structural metadata of these models.

    There are some DMVs which seem to get what i need:


    But the problem seems to be that these DVMs can not get data across multiple models/databases.

    When executed against the server its only running against the default database.

    What i need is a way to get the information from all the databases.

    The name of the databases can easily be aquired with the following DMV:

    select *

    Now i need a way to run the same 3 DMVs from above against the list of databases.

    • MDX has no "USE XXXX" to switch DB
    • XMLA apprently can run against multiple databases, but i could not find a sulation that returns the MDX results from a query i passed
    • Any SSIS specific solutions?
    • creating a linked server for every Model is not an option
  • Ok found solution to my own question, using SSIS

    1 Import all relevanten Database names

    select *

    2 Use a loop container to edit the connection string and replace the database name for each execution


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