Run an SSIS Package Under a Different Account

  • Thank you Grey Cat,

    I did what you told me to, but the package still fails.

    the only way i can avoid the failure is to change the 'credential' password under security of the database.

    I guess i did not make it clear

    I found that whenever the user's password is changed in the windows operating system, i have to change the passward in the SQL server credentials too otherwise it will fail the package scheduled under the Sql Agent jobs.

    My case is - one of our system administrators just went ahead changed the password without telling me and all my packages failed, i had to let him reverse back the password (or i could have just changed the password in SQL security - credentials)

    And I wanted to know if there is another way to avoid this troublesome.



  • I see. the password in credential has to be the correct account password. Sorry, but your admin has to inform you if the password has been changed.:-P

  • Great article. Used on a SSIS package for verifying addresses via the Melissa Data Contact Verify component against MS CRM contact addresses. Account running SQL agent did not have permissions to access data in the CRM db. This allowed me to setup a proxy with a known user and it worked like a champ.

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  • The SSIS work manualy in Visual studio..

    I have set a Credentials to an service account that i know have access to the FileServer share folder.

    I have set a Proxies with the account so its able to execute SSIS Package

    I have set the protection level to "do not save sensetive date"

    Both on project and the package.

    Then you get this error

    <Error> The process could not be created for step 1 of job

    *** (reason: A required privilege is not held by the client)


    Executed as user: *. The process could not be created for step 1 of job *

    (reason: A required privilege is not held by the client). The step failed.

    The solution here




    I have faced the same problem and my problem is solved with the following steps -

    1. Add SQL Server Service account at SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$ComputerName$MSSQLSERVER windows Group

    2. Add SQL Server Service account at SQLServer2005SQLAgentUser$ComputerName$MSSQLSERVER windows Group

    3. Restart your server


    I have't done this.  above (Dont know where i even create them)

    I have alredy create Credentials  / Proxies

    To just move or read a file from a fileserver sound extreme complicated with SSIS and SQL Server

    But it have to be a common thing and its sounds so simple. It cant be so complicated as this.??

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