rsAccessDenied on Reports Manager

  • jamesdfrost

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    I've recently installed the x64 Enterprise evaluation of SQL Server 2008 RC0 (June CTP) on my Vista Business x64 SP1 laptop.

    No errors on installation, but when I go to http://localhost/Reportserver I get the message :

    Reporting Services Error


    The permissions granted to user 'DOMAIN\username' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) Get Online Help


    SQL Server Reporting Services

    I'm currently running with cached credentials away from the office, but all other SQL Server functions are running OK. I set myself up as sysadmin on SQL Server when I installed.

    Anyone come across this, or have any guidance about what to try next? I've tried using Mr Google extensively to no avail.

  • jamesdfrost

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    OK, have managed to 'solve' this by disabling UAC.

    Quite frankly I'm dissapointed that I have had to do this - I've been in the minority of people that thought UAC was a good thing, but if Microsoft can't support it through their own products there is something seriously wrong!

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    What is UAC?

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    User Access control. Built into Vista and Windows 7

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