RS2000 - Exporting as JPEG Image - How?

  • Can I export a report as a JPEG image?

    I know i can do TIFF but there's no way, that I can see, to easily export a report as a JPEG image (or GIF or PNG).

    What i've created is a report of a chart showing performance this month of employees, but would like this to be generated every 2 hours and placed on our company intranet front page. I think that subscribing to create the report every 2 hours, thus updating the image which is placed on a fileshare on the webserver.

    Any help is appreciated?

  • To render a report in a format that is not listed you'll need to either a) source the required rendering extension on the internet or b) write you own rendering extension to render the report in the format you require.


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  • From the Books Online File:

    Image Rendering Extension

    The Image rendering extension renders reports to bitmaps or metafiles. The extension can render reports in the following formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF. By default, the image is rendered in TIFF format, which can be displayed with the default image viewer of your operating system (for example, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer). You can send the image to a printer from the viewer.

    Using the Image rendering extension to render reports ensures that the report looks the same on every client. (When a user views a report in HTML, the appearance of that report can vary depending on the version of the user's browser, the user's browser settings, and the fonts that are available.) The Image rendering extension renders the report on the server, so all users see the same image. Because the report is rendered on the server, all fonts that are used in the report must be installed on the server.


    The following example sets the format of the specified report to JPEG by using the OutputFormat device information setting of the image rendering extension:

    http://servername/reportserver?/SampleReports/Employee Sales Summary&EmployeeID=38&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=IMAGE&rcutputFormat=JPEG


  • Thanks for your responses.

    I created the report differently in the end. (use php image processing with a graphing module).

  • Thanks for that, its always a good day when you learn something new


    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

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