Roll back an SSIS package

  • Eshika


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    Can I have some suggestions of how to Roll back an SSIS package.

    I am new to SSIS, have created a package which has a series of dataflow tasks and SQL task which truncates and transfers data between servers ...

    I need a check i e., before truncating it must check if the data @ source is available.If not available then it shouldn't truncate.

    Thank you in advance.


    Swetha K

  • Leo Suresh

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    I am not sure under what circumstance you would want to roll back the DFT.

    I am assuming that the DFT needs to be rolled back, if any errors occur in subsequent conrol flow tasks in the package. Here is how to do this.

    Set the TransactionOption property of the package to "Required"

    Set the TransactionOption property of the dft to "Supported"

    If any error occurs in the control flow, then the dft will be rolled back.



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