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    I agree that it's a good product, but I've run into problems with one aspect that makes it so fast - it uses linked servers for compares between different servers. This works great if you use SQL authentication, but I've run into issues with NT authentication because there's no passthrough enabled on most SQL installations. (Feature requires AD to work properly.) This has been acknowledged by Lockwood, but I'm not sure what's been done since I tried the product last.

    I do agree that it's very powerful and useful. If the NT authentication piece worked right away, I'd probably be using that instead of our current product (slower, but it connects easily to all servers).


  • Brian Lockwood

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    by next week we hope to eliminate linked servers for structure comparison (quickly followed by removing them for data comparison).  Most problems with linked servers have been removed but for aforementioned problems and other issues we are going to remove them.

    Current version is 2.18 which has a ton of features added and fixes made since this review was written and is 4-10x faster again.

    Interestingly enough removing linked servers has allowed us to make the product faster not slower.  The de-linked version will be faster by several magnitudes again. 

    version 3.0 will be coming out shortly with re-designed interface, command line, internal scripting engine and hopefully SDK.  stay tuned!


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