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    K. Brian Kelley

  • Brian,


    Thanks for taking the time to give us a great review of this product. Idownloaded the product as soon as I saw it on the SqlServerCentral ads and have been evaluating it. I agree with all of your observations. The only thing I noticed is that on my installation, the evaluation version is a 2 month, not 2 week trial.



  • thx for review of our product.  We'll work on getting those scores up to all 5's soon!  Only correction is price is currently $499 not $599. 

    1.11 was just released today with support for UNDO/REDO

    Here are release notes


    RELEASE  1.11

    DATE:  20 February 2004

    DESCRIPTION: Major Enhancement/Fix release



    - Added generation of UNDO/REDO scripts.

    - Added "Options" dialog [Tools->Options] with following options:

     - Number of rows for "show more rows" action

     - Turn on/off alternative transaction coloring

    - Removed automatic filtering of operations on non-existing tables.

      This can now be configured in Filtering dialog.

    - Added option to select multiple rows.

    - Added [Export as...] options that work on selected rows only.


    - Now when refreshing log, database structure is also refreshed.

    - Added FAQ to help file.

    - Added "Clear filter" option [Edit->Clear filter]

    - Added better description for "log file not found" error.

    - Added timestamp to exported files.

    - Added milliseconds output to DATETIME values.

    - Various minor enhancements to UI.


    - Fixed a rare problem with auditing of live logs.

    - Fixed server name in open log dialog.

    - Fixed default filenames for export options.

    - Fixed a problem with computed columns.

    - Fixed a problem with the time range filter.

    - Fixed formatting of SMALLDATETIME values.

    Brian Lockwood
    ApexSQL - SQL Developer Essentials

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