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  • Beautifully enunciated. The first cornerstone laid for a towering skyscraper determines every downstream window view. Reminds me of working my way through school on a construction crew as a masonry tender. When the scaffolding was hastily assembled without leveling - by the time we got up 4 stories the 3 degree initial yaw that was previously unnoticeable - became a life threatening situation. When pallets of new cement blocks were laid on - everything swayed and the masons stated that they were going to live by holding onto the wall, and that the "college boy" standing a half level higher feeding them block was a goner... I did internally note that the recently laid blocks with still-wet mortar might not hold as desired.

  • Excellent article, Louis! This makes me wonder about some of the meetings I've been involved in over the years. I've always gone into them with the idea that I can contribute suggestions for improvement, if I see any needed improvements. But perhaps I was considered nothing more than a building inspector, just there to see if anything might kill someone.

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