Restoring the SQL Server Configuration

  • Hi SQL gurus, I had to rebuilt a Windows 2005 SQL Server Enterprise this company use to run ERP, very critical, the bare metal backup restore didn't work, so had to setup the OS from scratch, then updates, and the SQL Server.

    My question is if I can restore the configuration of the SQL server from the most recent full backup? I know the server had a configuration to enhance the performance of it.

    J.C. Alexandres
    IT Professional

  • If you restore the system databases, master might have whatever configuration was changed. Might. It depends on whatever was changed.



  • Hi Sue;

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your suggestion, and I would probably have done that if I was at the stage of the server just being set, as it would represent not that much to lose if something goes south.

    I had to put the machine as it was in production yesterday, after some tweaking to the SQL logins, all has been working fine, now I will look at best practices for SQL Server optimization.



    J.C. Alexandres
    IT Professional

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