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    I am having an issue with restoring a database over another database. So our setup is that we have clients, and they have a live database and a test database. Occasionally we will need to copy the live one over the top of the test one. When trying to restore the live over test, we always will have to head to the files tab, and re-allocate the files. However it is only with one specific database which this happens with. I have identified that the issue is with the live database, however I can't work out how to fix it? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Example of issue

    How it acts

    Example of how it should be with a different database

    How it should act

  • Why don't you script out the command instead of doing it through the GUI.

    Do it once in the GUI but before applying choose "Script".

  • What do you mean by "re-allocate the files"? Changing the name?

    You haven't shown the other pages. Did you change the Database name on the first (General) page? That is what normally changes the filename when you are overwriting.

    Is "Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE) checked on the third (Options) page?

  • Learn how to do this through T-SQL. It's vastly superior, and ultimately, believe it or not, much easier.

    It's going to be really hard for us to troubleshoot through screen shots. If you can script out what you're attempting and post the script, I suspect one of us can easily spot the issue.

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