restoring a SQL 7 backup to SQL 2000 database

  • Does anyone see a problem with restoring a backup made from a SQL 7 database to a SQL 2000 database.


  • Other than sometimes needing to rebuild the indexes and updateing the stats I have had not particualr issue. However I have heard complaints of performance differences of 7 databases move to 2000.

  • Restoring SQL7 backups to SQL2000 databases is fine, i've done it with quite large databases and have not encountered any problems so far. You just cant restore a SQL2000 backup into a SQL 7 db, thats all.

  • I would say "be careful".  We had a database that was originally created in 6.5 and then upgraded to SQL 7 with no problems.  When I restored it to a SQL 2000 server the size tripled.  I was eventually able to shrink it back down, but was lucky to have the disk space to accommodate it.


  • Guys, i no that u cant restore a db that was backed up in sql 2000 to sql 7. But i need 2 move a datase from sql 2000 to sql 7. Do u guys have any idea on how to go about doing this. I've run out of ideas now so i really need your help.

    Thanks guys


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