Restore SQL 2005 dbs to 2008

  • Hello all,

    I had a crashed server which i needed to build from scratch, after building , i used SQL 2008, earlier the server was running 2005, i restored all databases from a backup, all attached well to 2008 engine,  but the master cannot be restored, i need to restore it as its contains the logins and other information, is there anyway to be able to update it and use it in 2008 ? or i should re install 2005 again first? thanks.

  • i'm 99% sure you can't restore master from 2005 to 2008

    might I suggest you take a huge leap and go to 2019????

    and to reattach the databases - use restore database for master as Master_copy - then query sysdatabases table and build a bit of a loop that restores each database


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