Restore not completed

  • When restore almost finish that appear message "The database is not publised"

    Please if any answer how to restore backup device from publised database.

    Notes: The backup device is result from publised database.

    Best regards,Hery

  • Hery, can you confirm whether you are doing the restore from Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer?

    From EM manager when restoring from a published database you can get the following error:

    [ "Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState :42000) "The

    database is not published" ]

    From QA the following message can appear:

    "Server: Msg 18757, Level 16, State 1, Procedure

    sp_repldone, Line 1 The database is not published."

    Even though it looks like the restore has failed, this is just a message. In fact if you run the restore through QA, WITH STATS, you should get the message :

    "Backup or restore operation successfully

    processed xxxx pages in xxx seconds"

    Check the database by running a few queries against.


    Karl Grambow

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