Restore data for a single tenant in a multi tenant DB

  • Our OLTP is being converted from a one tenant per database structure to a multi tenant DB. It was easy enough to use sql backups to restore point in time if one tenant destroyed they're data, but how can that be done when all tenants exist in the same tables? What are my options?  The existing DBs range from 1 to 100GB so I expect several terabytes when they are consolidated.

  • It isn't build in to restore selected tables. Perhaps with 3th party software?

    I hope benefits / motiviation of consolidating all databases into one outweighs the hassles with recovery (recovery time ... )

  • Thanks Jo.  The decision to move to multitenant was made by the IT business leaders rather than the DBA staff.  The decision has merit, but the usual backup/restore methods can't be relied on.  Im starting to think we'll need to "roll" our own custom solution for this scenario rather than rely on any 3rd party or other known fix.

  • I hope your tenants don't have direct ( e.g. SSMS ) access to the database with mixed-tenant information in the objects.



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  • RLS and other tenant isolation will be in place. Thanks for the comment.

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