Restoration without sysadmin pemission

  • vs.satheesh


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    In my environment i need sql server restoration the database user without accessing data.without sysadmin how to restore the database.

  • Lowell

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    a person with db_owner on the database has the ability to backup / restore or drop the database they own.

    if they drop it, they most likely would not have the ability to restore a db as new.

    so they can only restore over the top of their existing.

    i believe it is possible, where if they were restoring a copy of production to test for example,, they could overwrite the database they have access to, with one that they do not have access to, because they are not db_owner in the backup they restore from; i'd have to test that to confirm.

    in that case, you might want to create a procedure with execute as owner, that restores a database, and then adds specific users to the db on Test


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